Case Study: Project Masiluleke

Key Issue: How can technology mobilize a community?

As a collaboration between frog design, Nokia, and the local telecommunications company, this project sought to address the issue of AIDS and tuberculosis in South Africa through the use of mobile technologies. Key elements include:

– Specialized text messages delivering approximately 1,000,000 HIV/AIDS and TB messages each day for one year to the general public. Using technology from the Praekelt Foundation, content from iTeach, and donated network capacity from MTN, the messages connected mobile users to existing HIV and TB call centers. Result: triple average daily call volume mobilizing hundreds of thousands to get tested
– Reminders to patients of scheduled visits
– Virtual call centers that supplement traditional call center volume with highly-trained HIV+ patients
– At home testing that neutralizes the stigma of being seen in line at a clinic

This case asks us to consider:

– Assuming sufficient reach of mobile phone coverage in Chile, how can we partner with mobile network service providers to disseminate information post-disaster?
– Can we train and organize geographically disparate volunteers within the community to respond in the case of an emergency?
– What are the social/cultural customs that we need to understand in order to craft effective messages and build a sense of community? (pre- and post- disaster)

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