Designer Analysis and Position

What is your design philosophy?

Good design is a communion between user and the object, space, or system that elevates the sum of its parts. A well designed pen goes beyond the function of enabling a person to write. It becomes an extension of the writer’s hand and personality. So too must systems and spaces reflect the values of a community.

My choice of design methodology depends on the scale and complexity of the people, activities and objects involved. In the case of individual-oriented objects such as ticket vending machines, design should be user-centric. In the case of community-oriented systems and architecture, design should demonstrate social values.

What are the major issues your practice would address?

As an industrial designer, my first role on the project team would be to research community needs and help build a consensus around the social agenda that we want to further. I would work with the architects to consider the community impacts of their structural and material choices. I would help interior architects design systems of wayfinding. I would take the lead in designing furniture and fixtures that complement the spaces.

What is your vision for the client’s role?

I see the CTA as one way of understanding the community for which we are designing. Entrance/exit and ticket sales data at the Division station will show use patterns. Prior proposals for a circle line will help us understand the logistics and hurdles to implementation. Dialogue with CTA planning will reveal preferred contractors that offer favorable rates or business relationships that might sponsor a portion of the project. Finally, we would work with the CTA in validating our social agenda and evaluating our design progress.

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