Good User Interface: Capresso Conical Burr Grinder

A good coffee conical-burr coffee grinder is a must for any coffee aficionado. I’m pleasantly surprised that this entry-level model also came with an intuitive user interface.

A blue dot on the hopper lines up with a black truncated triangle on the machine to indicate where you insert the hopper. The use of a truncated triangle on body subtly signals that something must be added to make it complete and suggests a pinching action that is analogous to the insert/twist action that occurs in securing the hopper in place.

Next, you twist the hopper to the desired grind setting. In this case, we are making grounds for the French press, so we’ll choose medium.

The lid lifts cleanly off the top where you add your coffee beans. It was manufactured with a tight tolerance to fit snugly and there is no need for it to screw on securely since the machine does not vibrate enough to knock the lid off, even if the hopper were full and beans were flying.

Set the dial to the amount of cups you want grounds for and wait. If you decide you have enough grounds earlier, twist the grinder back to zero without damaging the device.

Remove the grounds from the tray at the bottom. Notice how the edges of the tray stick out just enough to signal that a lever exists there. In addition, for clean storage, the power cord folds up neatly into a back compartment. I love my Capresso conical burr grinder!

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