Project Division First Team Meeting

We began to organize our thoughts.

Project Objectives:
– Organize activities by serving as a connection hub for the blue line, the new circle line, buses, and taxis
– Safely facilitate pedestrian traffic across a busy intersection
– Feature local attractions (and generate ad revenue?)
– Maintain a street presence that promotes community activities
– Serve as a bicycle connection station

Users: we need a better understanding of the demographic
– What is the user’s path to the Division station? What other services does that user want near the time of their travel?
– Who uses the Division station? Check google maps to determine the neighborhood edges that are closest to Division station and learn the culture of the community to determine needs. Photo document who walks in/out of the station. Interview riders about their experience. Workarounds will reveal latent needs
– CTA data on traffic patterns (when and how many) will help determine the number of turnstiles and ticket machines needed, as well as corridor and stair widths

The User Experience We Want: needs to be expanded/validated/refuted by broader user research
– comfortable: better lighting, air quality, platform seating, turnstiles, point-of-purchase, clean surfaces
– safe: no blind corners, visual context
– clear: way-finding, naming conventions (direction), navigation, signs with times of arrival for trains and transfers
– appropriate for future: demographic and technology

To Be Determined:
– Group name
– Mission statement
– Is the station a destination or transitory phase?
– What about the homeless?

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