Cuisine of Chile

Humitas: puréed corn, powdered sugar, salt, wrapped in corn husk (like a tamale)
Pastel de choclo: corn pie with beef, chicken, raisins, onion, olives, garlic, chili (ají), cumin, olive oil, salt and sugar
Empanadas: deep fried or baked turnovers with various fillings
Porotos granados: cranberry beans with squash and corn
Cazuela: soup with chicken or beef, corn on the cob, zapallo (pumpkin), rice, peas and carrots
Pernil de chanco a la chilena: braised ham with chili sauce
Budín de centolla: pudding of king crab (jaiba resembles blue crab)
Chupe de marisco: sea scallops in beurre blanc with cream, hard boiled eggs, Münster, and long grain rice (locos = fresh abalone)
Cadillo de congrio: fish, tomato and potato soup (congrio = eel-like fish, corvina = sea bass)
Curanto: clam bake with lobster, crab, mussels, oysters, potato patties, peas, beans, and a whole suckling pig
Erizo: sea urchin usually served fresh with lemon juice
Pebre: sauce made of olive oil, vinegar, water, cilantro, onion, red chili paste, garlic and salt
Color: sauce of garlic and paprika heated in oil or fat
Sandwiches: ave-palta (chicken-avocado), Barros Luco (broiled beef and cheese), Barros Jarpa (broiled ham and cheese), chacarero (broiled beef, tomato, green chili, and green beans)

Chileans are known for having a sweet tooth. Pastries are often works of art.
Tortas: cakes
Kuchen: open face pies (often sweet)
Queque: pound cake
Manjar: ingredient made by reducing milk and sugar

Many fruits are grown locally and a significant proportion of supermarkets are dedicated to produce. For example, there are a dozen varieties of avocado. The delicatessen section offers ready-to-eat cuts of meats, cheeses, olives and other items sold by the kilo. Cajero automáticos (ATMs) are often available on site.

Castillo-Feliú, Guillermo I. Culture and Customs of Chile. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2000. Print.

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