Project Division Group Position Statement (Draft)

We want to offer the Division community seamless connectivity in three ways: logistically, architecturally, and functionally. Logistically, traffic flow and connections to buses, taxis, car drop offs / pick ups, and bicycles will be clear and convenient. Architecturally, the building will be responsive to environmental changes. Functionally, the building will offer underrepresented services that may include a fitness center, vendor market space, park, performance area, and other amenities.

Why seamless?

Logistically, the seamless concept allows us to serve more people in a given amount of space because people can get to their destination faster. Tourists and newcomers are less likely to block traffic if they can quickly learn how to get to their destination. Architecturally, we want the station to stay culturally relevant in a changing neighborhood. Functionally, the additional services would save riders a separate trip and increase traffic use of the space on weekends.

How will this improve the community?

The new station will create employment, offer community (civic) space, become a landmark, and provide services/conveniences.

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