Project Division: Revised Position Statement and Model-Making

The intersection of Division, Milwaukee, and Ashland represents a neighborhood that is literally and figuratively at a crossroads. Spend one hour sitting in the triangle and the mixed neighborhood will become obvious. Young families take children for a stroll past the homeless sorting trash and dusty laborers boarding the #70 bus. Modern housing and upscale restaurants are taking over the dilapidated working class landscape. In the middle of all this is the Division Blue line stop which is a confusing mess in a changing neighborhood. We think the station can be better integrated into the community. The challenge is finding a way to use space and objects to enhance the immediate environment and direct people towards community resources.

We envision a station composed of several nodes throughout the immediate vicinity that direct people to schools, churches, restaurants, markets and other features of the neighborhood. Above Sites A and B we plan to situate entrances to a well-lit, underground mezzanine level where riders can grab coffee and a newspaper on their way to work. Above ground at Site A, we will place a community garden. Around the blue/circle line entrances, riders can find information centers that take the form of bus shelters, pavilions, and bike rental kiosks. Leveraging the vistas created by the triangle and nearby intersections, we hope to absorb and redirect traffic in a manner that facilitates an open dialogue between the neighborhood and its constituents.

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