Project Division Concept Presentation Feedback

In future iterations …

1. Clarify the experience of transfer between the blue line and circle line

2. Add resolution to the diagrams and models. Make it clearer where the site and connecting bus lines are. Use a consistent scale throughout.

3. If we want to use a non-traditional interface such as an interactive sidewalk for wayfinding, explain how it will work and show a prototype.

4. Our touch point analysis looked at existing objects in the mezzanine level. It seemed to the audience that we were proposing that these elements be pushed into the neighborhood. Instead, the proposed neighborhood objects did not have existing analogues. We need to better explain how new objects will map onto existing systems, something which should be easier to do once we determine what the new objects are.

Feedback from other presentations (where we could have improved) …

1. Each panel should have a point / develop the story.

2. For each analysis, make it clear what was learned from the analysis.

3. How did the analysis affect the design?

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