Issues in Implementing the Presence Project in Chile

The following issues pertain to this project.

1. Without direct contact with those we are surveying, people may not be interested in returning the kits. How do we encourage participation?

2. While we are developing academic contacts, we want to survey a diverse cross-section of the population (within a target area). How do we gain access to these people?

3. It has been suggested that we approach this as a participatory art project within a neighborhood. Other such projects have been successful through the medium of the internet where people are notified by mail, then asked to upload pictures, perhaps of neighborhood opportunity areas.

4. If we are sending physical kits, how much should we send? Perhaps we only ask for the return of postcards at first, then more to those who participate rather than everything at once.

5. Are there local NGOs, charities, or community centers that we can establish contact with to demonstrate the value of our project and how this survey contributes to that goal, who would then distribute the cultural probes on our behalf?

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