Food Therapy?

As I am eating this toasted foccacia sandwich, I realize that the bread tastes exactly like Straw Hat pizza crust. It’s crisp with a lot of cornmeal flavor and just the right amount of char giving way to a doughy texture. It’s warm, fluffy and not at all like the greasy Pizza Hut crust we suffered when Pizza Hut took over my childhood Straw Hat location. Straw Hat was the place we went for a treat before Mom died and family still felt like family. While I am eating, I am also reading about Haiti and come across …

Haitians often use food as an opportunity to connect with and provide comfort to those in need.

This leads me to wonder whether there is a use for food in emotional healing. Do certain foods conjure up memories and stories that need to be retold and thus provide an avenue for catharsis? Can a community meal constitute group therapy?

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