Reconstruye helps communities organize and rebuild after a disaster so that you can still stay close to your friends and neighbors. See the English video here.

You used to live in a house or in a flat, that was a lot more than your house. It was your neighborhood, your work place, your parks and your amenities.

All that you needed for a good quality of life was at hand.

After the earthquake, the house where you lived was damaged or demolished.
Whether you rent, share or own your home, you are now in distress.

Your few choices are to sell your land or to apply for a government subsidy.
In both cases you only will be able to afford to move into a new social interest project, very far away from your current neighborhood.

But, what is the cost of this?

Your friends and neighbors will live far away, you will have to travel long distances to get to your workplace, school or services, losing all those things that were part of your former quality of life, and allowing for your old neighborhood to disappear under the construction of new real estate projects that do not include you.

But you are not alone. There are others who have been affected just like you. If you organize with them you will be able to access other options to stay in your neighborhood.

There are professionals that can help you, delivering technical and legal assistance, and developing inclusive projects.

Confronting this situation together, we will preserve our neighborhoods, and our social networks, working to keep the reconstruction resources with you and not with third party businesses.

Get involved with us. We can help you.


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