What materials are helpful for PTSD?

Liz: One thing that comes to mind is clay, or an amorphous solid of any kind. Clay is particularly helpful to many people with PTSD because many can lose language, especially children. There is a tactile expression as well as whatever might be visually formed. When language is lost, there is something about physically being able to build forms that helps. The resulting “object” may or may not be representational so there is potential access into trauma that way.

Me: There is this concept of resilience being analogous to rubber. Rubber bounces back to its original form. Compare that to steel, which bends but retains rigidity. That person is clearly damaged but still functional. And compare that to porcelain which breaks and is essentially useless since ceramic cannot be refired. That would be the most severe case. I wonder if there’s an opportunity in the material choice for whatever I design. Maybe the material bounces back.

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