From Research to Design

Since the last group critique, I’ve focused my research on post-disaster therapy, specifically for children. I’ve learned that people need to re-establish a sense of safety following a disaster. Stable routines can facilitate processing. Talking through, drawing, or acting out what has happened helps a person accept loss. After acceptance, people need something to look forward to. I see two opportunity areas: 1. help psychologists mobilize faster and more effectively and/or 2. create objects that aid in emotional recovery that can be distributed (to supplement professional aid or to replace it in areas of high demand). However, I am having trouble moving from research to design.

Jim wants me to create 3 future scenarios: excepted disaster, worst-case, and best-case. These would be a kind of amalgamation of prior case studies and potentially identify user needs. George thinks I need to focus on object-level opportunities by studying what already exists. How can objects in the cultural context be activated in the context of a disaster to provide comfort? Which objects make the most sense for a “sleeper cell” duality? What would trigger their secondary role? How would they help?

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