Feedback on Thesis Proposal

The overarching theme in my feedback was that I needed to narrow my scope. In the direction of first aid objects, do analogous objects exist that perform a similar function to my goals? Community projects such as the AIDS quilt or socks knitted at home and sent away during WWII tell stories. Can instructive toys such as Montessori objects be modified for therapeutic purposes? I need to bring things to try while I’m there in March. That means I need to find parallel cases here to study firsthand. The involuntarily homeless provide an example of displacement. Consulates may be able to put me in touch with refugee organizations. My work may not necessarily result in objects but perhaps a set of instructions for the psychological well-being of the community. The US Army issued playing cards with images of the most wanted “terrorists” on the back so that soldiers could recognize faces. What’s less known is that they gave away playing cards with images of national treasures in Iraq to aid in preventing theft as well. How can the modification of vernacular objects place mental health at the forefront?

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