The Feeling of Trauma: An Investigation into Real Time Travel

My friend Liz wrote a good synopsis on what the feeling of flashbacks is like for those suffering post-traumatic stress disorder

Sometimes it’s as if we exist in Jell-O, suspended but able to see the world around us moving by. What does it mean for time to move slowly? How does this affect the experience of day-to-day living? When in a state of suspension, one experiences the utter stillness of time; catatonia; the restless rest. A deafening silence; incommunicable horror. Awake during anesthesia. Floating through space. Stillness overtakes everything, swallowing it whole. With stillness comes a degree of inaction, a dark resignation. Or perhaps it is more like a paralysis. In this state of stillness, a person might feel utterly stuck; petrified; bound to the past and unable to move from it.

The full article can be found here.

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