Winter Thesis Schedule

The goal of winter is to move from research to design.

12/17/10: Call Chile/Haiti consulates, find access points to homeless community
12/18/10-12/23/10: Map HCD toolkit to problem statement (develop plan for investigations) / recruit team members
12/24/10-12/30/10: write problem statements suggested by case studies, group into themes, develop frameworks
12/24/10-12/29/10: prepare personas/briefs for IxDA meeting
12/31/10-1/3/11: outline Chile situation, prepare draft deck for IxDA meeting
12/30/10-1/5/11: Interview/volunteering opportunities? / research NGOs (OxFam, UNICEF)
1/4/11: submit IxDA meeting materials for feedback
1/6/11-1/11/11: 50 sketches/ideas that might address the problem
1/10/11: Email Jim goal of investigations, general structure and plan
1/12/11-1/15/11: Gather resources for investigations
1/16/11-1/20/11: Interviews/volunteering? / prepare for IxDA meeting
1/19/11 or 1/26/11: IxDA presentation
1/21/11-1/26/11: Package winter work / prepare for investigations
1/27/11: First day of class, begin iterative investigations
1/28/11: First day of GFRY / UX for Good volunteer (interaction design for community mental health)
1/29/11: UX for Good volunteer (interaction design for community mental health)

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