Thesis Timeline (Work in Progress)

After speaking to Jim and some of the class on Monday, I’ve decided to pursue two projects this semester: the information and incentive system to mobilize reconstruction for GFRY and toys to help children cope with PTSD without the presence of a therapist for thesis. While GFRY is operating on its own timeline with clear weekly goals, I thought it’d be a good idea to create my own timeline for thesis as well. This is a start.

2/10: Create timeline, prepare for Monday investigations
2/14: What forms of stuffed animals are comforting? What makes them comforting?
2/17: How are toys therapeutic for children? How does a child’s interaction with a toy indicate progress or distress? When and how should a parent intervene in a child’s play session?
2/21: Sketches of early form and function ideas
2/24: More sketches, get feedback from therapists
2/28: Feedback from class; prepare for material investigations
3/3: Material investigations
3/7: Material investigations / release quick form prototypes for testing?
3/10: Chile / cultural investigation
3/14: Chile / cultural investigation
3/17: Chile / cultural investigation
3/21: Incorporate form prototype feedback? / technology prototyping
3/24: Technology prototyping
3/28: Technology prototyping
3/31: Technology prototyping

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